"Chasing Rainbows" Clouds shot from every flight to California, 2015

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Each piece is an archival, museum quality, limited edition pigment print. Accompanied by an embossed certificate of authenticity. Print prices are in $USD [framing not included]. Prices rise as edition sells out. 

From the Series // Dreams I Wish I Had a continuation from Water Brother, an ongoing series of waterscapes and landscapes, dedicated to my brother Stuart, who passed in 2001. He was diagnosed with a bipolar disorder.

I learned to rearrange the longing for my departed brother, by celebrating his existence through epic imagery. I now see him in all forms of waters’ change. He is part of the greater cycle, a body gone back to the molecular beginnings we all come from. He is a shape-shifter and these are my visual meditations. 

Stuart and I had an obsession for water and grew up part time near a river. After a near-drowning incident together when we were kids, our infatuation became strangely more tenacious. We vowed to deny fear, moving forward and remember our allegiance to and infatuation for our faithful play space.

This work explores the fantasy of flight. Provocation of movement, forward and uplifting motion, maneuvering above and beyond obstruction. Creating a semblance of floating moments, arrested in a stop motion illustration. The highly detailed aesthetic and intention for large format, seduces the viewer to look closer and enter into the expanse.

Each piece is made up of multiple layers and combinations of photographic captures, sculpted together to create a larger story. Each detailed nuance and gesture of cloud and waters’ surface is a character. They are carefully painted into a choreographed dance. When images from the series are hung in a strategic row, they align into their own wave pattern, representing the continuation of life in every frame.

This series was created to engage the passerby to ‘step into’ the volume of what is beyond the physical body and to hold space. Most importantly, persuading a meditative connection to nature with healing intent, bringing the curiosity and pause of the elemental world. An intention to invite the process of connectivity through ‘openscapes’ and facilitate a mind-shift.