"Gemsbok // Oryx Gazella" 2016

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Each piece is an archival, museum quality, limited edition pigment print. Accompanied by an embossed certificate of authenticity. Print prices are in $USD [framing not included]. Prices rise as edition sells out. 

From the Series // Artifacts of Alchemy

An exploration of the alchemy inherent in the larger heirloom of life: tiny, multi-layered, synaptic combustions, expressing the vast spaces and connectivity between mania and calm. The multi-dimensional veins are ever evolving, consequential, perpetual in nature and elaborately beautiful. By transforming longing into epic imagery, there are inherent celebrations and constructed visions of energy in all of life’s elements: earth, water, air and fire.

These elixirs of life conspire to create and liberate. Life in flow. Life in flux.